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How to Enjoy Winter Activities Safely

Now that winter is upon us, kids are keeping their fingers crossed in much of the country for a snow day so they can go sledding, have snow ball fights and do lots of other winter activities. You and your family may also get outside this winter to enjoy the ski slopes, ice skating rinks and other fun the weather brings. offers these tips to stay safe while enjoying all that winter has to offer:


  • • When heading out to a winter sports activity, such as skiing or snowboarding, remember to always dress appropriately with a helmet, boots and other cold weather gear, all of which help prevent injury, hypothermia and other hazards of winter fun. Read up on winter safety and health tips so you’re prepared before you head out. Learn more at
  • • It’s important to look for winter storm warnings, watches and advisories before you hit the slopes or other recreational areas. Twenty-five percent of winter weather fatalities are because people are caught off guard. Make sure you’re prepared by knowing the projected snowfall and other advisories before leaving your house. Read more online at
  • • For tips on specific winter sports safety equipment, such as hockey, ice skating, sledding and more, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers time- tested tips for each specific winter activity and how to dress yourself and your kids appropriately for each one. Find out more at
  • • If you’re heading out on a hike or camping on public lands, you can use to search for recreation areas with winter sports activities near you. The site also provides information on winter sports activities across the nation and tips on taking care of our public land while visiting. More details at




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